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Host a Sounders FC Book Party at Your Business!


As part of the promotion of the book “Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece” the Gasman has been appearing as a guest at parties. Guests can meet Gas and discuss his book and the Seattle sports scene with him. He’ll also autograph copies of the book.

The party can be customized for your needs. Businesses can buy the book as a gift to their employees or customers, or Gas can sell the book to interested guests the night of the party. The party can be a casual meet n greet type affair or a more formal presentation (including a reading from the book and a Q and A session) can be set up. For a fee a Sounders FC player will attend the party to add to the fun. 

Contact Gas today to set up a unique event for your office or business. Email: gas@gasman206.com


THURSDAY NOVEMBER 14th at NOLO APARTMENTS next to the stadium:

Lamar Neagle with fans.

Sounders fans talk about the book and enjoy great views of Seattle.

Sounders FC players Leo Gonzalez, Andy Rose, and Lamar Neagle visit with fans.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th at f 5 in Seattle:

F5 Party

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 30th at Anthony’s Homeport in Kirkland