Connect the Success of Sounders FC to Your Business – Book Mike Gastineau to Speak Today

Connect the Success of Sounders FC to Your Business – Book Mike Gastineau to Speak Today2020-04-02T16:43:23-07:00

ECS Opening nightIn 2007 Major League Soccer (MLS) announced that an expansion franchise had been awarded to a group from Seattle. The Seattle Sounders FC debuted in March of 2009. They are the only team in American sports history to make the playoffs in each of their first six seasons of existence. They are the only team in American sports history to set league attendance records in each of their first five years of existence. Along the way they achieved a connection with their fans that other teams openly envy and have begun to attempt to copy.

Mike Gastineau is uniquely qualified to discuss the Sounders and what they did to set themselves apart from other sports franchises. The Sounders FC story contains simple elements that are easily transferable to any business. Mike can discuss in detail the series of key decisions the Sounders made that put them in position to succeed as well as the attitude they brought to each one of those decisions that helped ensure success. His speech can be tailored to the needs of your business. He’ll combine insight into the Sounders way of doing things with humor, enthusiasm, and a natural ability to perform that will inspire and entertain your audience.

Mike has delivered this speech to numerous Puget Sound area companies and the reviews are unanimously positive


“Mike was great and I’ve had so much positive feedback on his presentation. A job well done.”

– Scott Redman, President, Sellen Construction, Seattle

“Mike was fantastic. His ability to tie the key factors of the Sounders incredible franchise launch to the issues that business face today was relevant and engaging. He connected with and captured the minds and hearts of our sales team and customer service department. His passion for the story and ability to make the necessary connections with our business and customers made this a huge win. As exciting as a goal in extra-time, Mike is a must have on the list of speakers.”

– Jim Neil, President, J.G. Neil & Company, Kent

“Mike’s talk was informative, enthusiastic, and engaging. The book might appear to be about soccer, but really it is a book from which any company introducing new products will glean great insight.  I am using several of the ideas for my winery!”

– Jon Staenberg, Founder, Hand of God Wines

“Mike came in and spoke to our leadership team in Seattle.  He did a great job providing a behind-the-scenes-look with energy, insight and the right amount of humor.  I would recommend.”

– Brian Jacobsen, General Manager, Slalom Consulting, Seattle

“Mike delivered a great talk to the Puget Sound Business Travel Association at our annual meeting. His high energy presentation entertained and informed our crowd. Excellent!”

– Ryan Mullarky,  Corporate Sales Executive, Egencia ∙ Business Travel ∙ Expedia, Inc

Anthony'sbookAs part of his appearance, Mike will make books available for purchase either in bulk to your company or individually to attendees.  He’ll sign and personalize each book and will spend   time after his talk answering questions.

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