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Mike "The Gasman" Gastineau has been a pillar in sports radio and a sports icon in the Seattle market for over two decades. His talent, dedication and passion for sports, along with a common-sense approach to the issues, make him a unique figure in sports talk.

Praise for “Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece”

What the Media Are Saying
Reading it promises to be as close as any fan will get to the executive suite of a Seattle sports team—and it’s full of interesting insights about the Seahawks as well.
Seth KolloenSeattle Weekly

What Readers Are Saying
Mike tells a fast paced engaging story that shares his intimate knowledge of the local scene. He has combined the details of the Sounders rise, with the personal stories of those who made it happen into a thoroughly enjoyable narrative.

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Gas can voice your company’s ad, speak at your company’s function, or baby sit your kids.

Latest From the Blog

If you’re like most people you sometimes find your self saying “what’s Gas thinking about things.”

New Book

Gas has written a book about the Sounders. You like to read, right? Check it out.