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Praise for “Mr. Townsend & the Polish Prince”

The book reads like a movie script and you feel all the emotion as the hard work and sacrifice begin to pay off in the win column. But this book is also as much about race relations and how Joe Purzycki adapts when he finds himself to be a minority in an environment initially full of resentment. Athletic Director Nelson Townsend draws upon his own life experience facing racial prejudice to help his struggling new coach understand how to deal with this unfamiliar world.
Town Square Delaware
Great story of friendship and football. Hope for all of us.
This book will allow all to gain greater insight and sensitivity to the struggles that we as a nation of people need to resolve
If you are an educator, you’re going to want it in front of your students. If you are a parent, this will be one excellent example for your middle school or above children. The way great moral compass combines in a real to life story to diminish racial tensions hasn’t been seem since the book “Freedom Riders”!
In a day in age where diversity and inclusion is so important, the timely release of this book couldn’t have been more appropriate too. I highly recommend this book to anyone
What an inspirational, well written story! While football is the main focus of the story, the friendships forged & hardships overcome will keep you turning the pages!
Really enjoyed this and highly recommend!
This story is for more than just football fans, it’s for anyone who has felt frustration and passion as they attempt to follow where their heart leads.
A great read if you’re looking for proof that humanity can trump cynicism.
Makes no diffference who you are or what you do, true life experiences of people who choose to light a candle rather than curse the darkness of challenge and struggle are inspirational to all. And that’s what this wonderful book conveys.
Importantly beyond the specifics of this retelling of history lies a much bigger message. That is that we are more alike than we are different. A line that stayed with me from the book reads in part “We found out that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches tasted the same no matter which neighborhood we were in…….”
Heroes emerge in this book, champions of humanity who reach across the racial divide and and conquer fear and distrust by celebrating our common humanity. The people in this story demonstrate immense vision and heart and, yes, courage.
More then just a football book but a life lesson account.
There are lessons on race and human relations in this story for everyone. I would not be surprised if it moves from book to movie script in short order.
It is an incredible story. Should be a book of the year candidate. Well paced , well written, and puts you right like you were there when it was happening. Wonderful story. I loved it.
Ultimately, this is a timeless story of perseverance and struggle, and about the bonding of an athletic director and coach which would ultimately lead to sustained success for the program.
Easy read. Shows how a couple of committed people in sports can help the understanding of the greater community.
Great real life story about two extraordinary men who step out of their comfort zones and take a chance by looking at life and football through a different lens
This book ended up being a real page turner for me. I knew nothing of the back story, and quickly became entranced with the courage exhibited by both of the primary characters, not to mention the players who were involved.
Gastineau’s natural voice for the main characters gave you the feeling you were “watching” the book.