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Praise for “Sounders FC: Authentic Masterpiece”

It is the personal stories that Gastineau captures best. Not, the numbers or lists of major events he dives into, but the people that made this thing that is Sounders FC what it is.
The book is perfect for any sports fan who wants to learn the tenets, practices and personalities that combined to field both a successful team and also a successful front office.
It works both as a classic underdog sports story, and also as a Sports Business 101 tutorial.
Even though I know the outcome of this story, Mike tells it in a way that made me nervous, excited, wondering how the next step will unfold.
I couldn’t put this book down, and finished it within 24 hours of it arriving at my doorstep.
For Sounders fans or just anyone interested in sports franchise management. Full of fun, insider knowledge stories. Getting to hear the dove story alone is worth the price! A must read for any Sounder fan.
This isn’t just some “Rah rah Go Team!” type of book. It’s a wonderful look behind the scenes, into the business side and some of the people who make the Seattle sports scene in the great thing it is.
Do yourself a favor and read this book!
Gastineau captures incredible details covering the ownership, front office, stadium and political personalities, soccer player and coaching stars, and culminates in a story that showcases the single greatest sports franchise launch in history. This is a very engaging book.
I knew nothing about the Sounders FC and found this book fascinating. It covers all facets of the Seattle Sounders history. An interesting read even for the non-soccer person.
I wish Howard Shultz had access to this book back when he was considering purchasing the Sonics.
Gastineau’s voice comes through loud and clear through the prose. His sense of humor and love of the characters behind the story shine through and make this boom accessible to anyone. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly.
Sequences featuring Drew Carey were my favorite. You definitely do not need to be a soccer fan to enjoy this book.
I’ve read many books on soccer but this stacks right up with the best.
Mike tells a fast paced engaging story that shares his intimate knowledge of the local scene. He has combined the details of the Sounders rise, with the personal stories of those who made it happen into a thoroughly enjoyable narrative.
Written with full access to all of the people involved in the creation of the MLS Sounders, this book will give the reader a superb look at what went into making the team.
As a businessperson, learning what the Sounders did to listen to their customers and apply that learning to how the business is run was very interesting.
The book takes you all the way back to the days leading up to and the fight to get the stadium built and how being patient really paid off for all those involved. A great book for any sports fan.
Anyone who cares at all about sports and the business that goes on behind the scenes would find it interesting.
I listened to the Gas Man for years on KJR. As I read this, I could hear his voice telling me the story.